On Feb 6, 2006, at 3:26 PM, Shane Hathaway wrote:

Gary Poster wrote:
Me too. Maybe even a +(0<x<1). Zope 3: Revolution, Zope 3: Renaissance, and Zope 3: Rebirth were my favorites of the bunch. :-)

Well, a new name for Zope 3 sounded like such a bad idea that it didn't even occur to me that someone would suggest it. We'd have to live with whatever name we choose. Arghhh! I'm not sure I could handle the pain. ;-) Release names would be OK because they change often.

LOL. :-)

I don't feel strongly about it...unless someone who actually makes a marketing effort feels strongly about it, in which case I'm 100% behind whichever way they feel. ;-)

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