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Zope 3 / Revolution ?

well, how about "Zope3, Reloaded" for all the matrix fans out there? :)

The idea of release code names adds a little spice.  Most people like
spices on their food, so why not on their software too?  But the naming
scheme really has to be based on the Tarzan series. Jim's a Tarzan fan.
Okay, I am giving in on this. There is a three step process that will have to be fullfilled to assign a codename to the Zope 3.3 release.

I'd say assigning a name is a responsibility of the release manager. It's not something to spend time debating. Are you the release manager for 3.3? If so, and you don't want to assign a name, then by all means forget the idea.

Guys ... from my reading of the z3-user discussion, there were two subtly different things that came out:

- Have funky release codenames. Okay, good - makes it easier to talk about Zope 3.2 vs. 3.3. However, I think this is secondary (by far) to ...

- Have a *brand*. That means one name, a name that doesn't change. It could just be "Zope 3" with a capital 3, or it could be a more distinctive name, e.g. Zope 3 Zomething (where Zomething is something to be decided) to have an even more distinctive brand; a logo that has some punch, a colour scheme, a web site with proper advocacy and some start-here documentation and some quick tutorials.

The secondary brand name (the Zomething in my example above) was the original example - and I personally think this is a good idea, just to give the clear message that this is distinct but building on Zope 2.

Seriously, look at http://www.djangoproject.com or http://rubyonrails.com. This is about getting people to *understand* what Zope is about, to understand that we *care* that they understand and that we made an *effort* to make it easy for them to get into it. It's about lowering the barrier to entry and the risk that they'll spend time learning something that'll turn out to be a dead end. It's about showing off that Zope can be sexy and knock the socks off the competition. It's about generating some excitement, not just a dreary list of technical blather.

This is the proposal that considers the most serious consideration in my opinion. The original discussion showed that a lot of people found Zope's lack of branding a problem. Now it's time to find a solution to that problem.

(or so I hope) :-)



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