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Martijn Faassen wrote:

If we do manage to build a new website and are a good way done with
it, *then* is the time to discuss possible branding options.

... except if that website is to incorporate a given brand and have a
big launch. :)

Which is why I said "a good way done with it", not "have launched it"; I realize that if a brand name is done, it should be done before launch.

But still...

First build the content for this website, work on a design for it, be
close to actually being able to launch, i.e. do all the real work,
*then* have a discussion about brandnames. Right now, this is a distraction.

Real work first, discussions on naming later.

But you're absolutely right - presenting it properly, with a serious
web site that has had some serious thought gone into it is the most
important thing.

Right, so let's put thought into this. The zope-web mailing list is open. We actually are collecting text. Feel free to help write some.



P.S. My suggestion is "Zope 3 Emacs" :)
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