Gary Poster wrote:
You say this in your other message:
Somehow people don't seem to be discussing other activities much in the recent threads, such as the writing intro text, of tutorials, designing and presenting screencasts, gathering links and other information.

Seems like just the sort of individual things that a split-up competition would be good for, to me. Add in something silly, like most fun logo or silliest slogan, just for spice, and it even sounds like you have a nice balance of categories.

I fear that a split up competition will have a lot of people come up with slogans, some with logos, and nobody with a decent tutorial.

Your list also sounds like things that can be done out of the context of a grand website effort, and used as useful raw materials for such an effort.

Again, I believe that without fixing Zope's web presence all other Zope marketing activities are pretty much futile. *Within the context* of the zope web presence this can work, of course, but I expect people to do a bit more work than just talk.

I may be wrong about this; if so please give me the reasons I'm missing why a slogan or logo in isolation would really help Zope's marketing.

Whatever, I was only volunteering to try and help. I'm beyond, beyond swamped. I'm thrilled that folks are working on the site. Thank you.

I'm not doing much, but I took a few hours a few months ago to write some text, and since then I'm spending time trying to get other people to do some bits as well. Some people have been doing so. I think if we can just keep this up we can get somewhere.

Perhaps other loose boutique sites, as I had envisioned, for individual projects such as the Zope 3 effort, can grow at a later time.

Right now I expect we may end up doing the following:

* create a boutique site for Zope. No community features, but nice presentation and intro text, and download information for Zope.

* from this, create a resource for zope 3 in the form of tutorials, screencasts. This may be on another site or part of the original site. I think we'll get the most energy in producing Zope 3 compared to Zope 2, so we'll go with the flow.

* retire as much as possible and replace it with the new frontend. Quite possible we cannot do this straight away at all - We need it for all the resources hidden away in it, and I worry about breaking links, so this is a problem. We also have a working zope extension upload system on there that I worry about replacing. Just replacing its outer layer with a boutique website of Zope may however be enough already.

I'm happy to see a competition for a boutique site, and whether people present a new or is up to them; this may influence whether we end up with a separate or an integrated


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