Hi Jim,

Jim Washington wrote:
The situation I wish to handle is the case where MySQL server silently closes its connection with Zope after 8 hours idle, which likely will happen at least once a day.

What seems to work for me now is the following as mysqldbda.adapter.MySQLdbAdapter.isConnected()

def isConnected(self):
           # not connected or ping did not restore MySQL connection
           if self._v_connection is not None:
               self._v_connection = None
           return False
       return True

After experiencing 'Mysql server had gone away' errors I quickly found this thread.

If I interpret the course of discussion correctly, the above isConnected implementation solved this problem for you, right?

I add this implementation of isConnected to the mysqldbda in my setup (Zope-2.9 + Five + sqlos, mysql 4.1.12) too, and things *seem* to have improved. But not completely, every now and then I get the gone away errors again.

Question is, was this indeed the final conclusion for this thread and did it solve the problem for you completely - i.e. do you not get the gone away errors anymore?

kind regards,

Jan-Wijbrand Kolman
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