Shane Hathaway wrote:
An idea just occurred to me. I think others have probably had similar ideas, but didn't express it in the right place or time.

Part 1: Let's put an Apache-like web root (similar to /var/www/localhost/htdocs/) in Zope instance homes. It might be called "browser" or "www". Zope will serve pages out of that web root rather than an object database.

A big -1 from me.
This is yet more complexity and more stuff that Zope shouldn't try to do. If you want to serve flat files, use Apache.

served out of the object database. To change the default page, newbies are directed to create a default page in the object database. The user didn't ask for an object database.

But it's one of Zope's main strengths and I'd find it odd if newbies were directed to do anything other than use it ;-)

The use of an object database should be a choice, not a requirement.

I'd flip that, because I think you and Steve A would agree on one thing: The use of an object database _should_ be a choice, not a requirement, but it should also be the default ;-)

So, to sum up, I reckon Zope should use ZODB by default, but it should be possible, without too much pain, to get it to use _just_ an ORM if you so desire. Flat files is Apache land, lets not try and compete there ;-)



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