Wade Leftwich wrote:
+1 from the standpoint of promoting corporate adoption, especially when
combined with first-class citizenship for RDBMS. (In the corporation I
work for, anyway.)

Yes, RDBMS would become a first-class citizen. New users would be able to write some page templates and SQL scripts on the filesystem and have them work with no extra effort. I know I'd like that capability myself. However, I expect ZODB to continue to be the dominant platform for writing Zope applications, because ZODB is quite productive for writing abstract applications.

Zope is a feast with many kinds of food. When people come to the feast, most are not willing to try everything at once, particularly the entrees from the land of OODBMS. First let them have some familiar foods. When they find out how finely prepared the food is, they'll be ready to try the meaty main course. Although many will still prefer the RDBMS salads.

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