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On Sat, 11 Feb 2006 10:39:52 -0000, Lennart Regebro <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
There are methods for neatly deprecating things like this, and they
have been employed consitently in Zope 3, and quite consistetly in
later versions of Zope2. For example,  in Zope 2.8 the whole Zope
package was renamed Zope2. The Zope.py backwards compatibility handler
will be removed in Zope 2.11.  I'm not aware of this causing any

There are two types of deprecation, though - one is deprecating specific packages or methods or classes. Another is deprecating fundamental patterns and ways of working. Am I supposed to use ZCML for this or Python? Well, a while ago, it was ZCML, now it's python, and then maybe it'll be something that looks completely different. Now I'm told that the ZODB is the de-facto way of storing content. Maybe soon the default may be a filesystem. Mmm...

FWIW, I personally doubt that we would make the filesystem choice for the vast bulk of ZC's past and future engagements. I would also be surprised if we did not continue to use the ZODB as our primary persistence tool (among others, already including the file system and RDBMSs) in the future.

I just wonder how someone who isn't already "in the know" and on this list would hope to keep up with all these twists and turns. That is - I wonder how those who have deployed on Zope 3 deal with them.

We run regular automated tests. We ideally make sure that the changes are ones we agree with or ones we can opt out of.

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