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Lennart Regebro wrote:
On 2/13/06, Tonico Strasser <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Looking forward to see explicit ZPTs soon :)

Me too. I'd also like the macros to be called rather than expanded, so
that any error messages report the error in the macro rather than in
an expanded main template. This should be possible if we have explicit
macro parameters.

In fact, this would not only solve the two biggest problems with
macros, it would make the macros functions, which is much better. If
we don't want to break backwards compatibility, calling them functions
would be a good idea.

That's a non-goal for me:  macros are *not* functions, and aren't
supposed to be "called":  the point of them is that they operate in the
context of the caller.  In addition to the loss of functionality (slots,
  as you note), calls are much more expensive than macros.

Hi Tres,

I'm interested in your opinion about parameters for macros.

Do you think this is explicit enough?:

<ul tal:define="list main_navigation">
  <li metal:use-macro="macros/li_repeat"/>

Or do you think explicit parameters would make things clearer?:

  <li metal:use-macro="macros/li_repeat"
      metal:with-params="list main_navigation"/>


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