Martijn Faassen wrote:

Jean-Marc Orliaguet wrote:

I've being working on integrating Balazs Ree's CTAL interpreter recently (added tests, fixes, etc.). CTAL is the equivalent of TAL but for javascript.

I just googled around for this, and couldn't find it, but I'm intrigued. Any link?

A few years ago on a whim I started developing 'sapling', TAL for javascript, but never got very far. It's here:

Perhaps some of the code would be useful to you; regular expression parsing for TAL and such in javascript is in there.

It was a whim, as I didn't figure there would be much practical use for it. Could you go into more details on how you think you'd use this?



It is so new that google hasn't found it yet :-) Balazs mailed me the code last week.

here is the code I'm working on. Balazs was talking about putting it in a repository since several projects might need it.

note that MochiKit has something similar but not as advanced (without unit tests) and that doesn't work on Opera ( )

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