Dario Lopez-Kästen said the following on 2006-02-14 08:17:

If the tools and feature that Zope provide become easier to integrate in an non-Zope envireonment, I think that Zope will eventually come out as the tool of choice for any projects that needs to do more than "setup a simple website", which in my experience amounts to about 80% of the use cases out there :-).

Sorry, I was a bit unclear here. What I mean is

* if the features that zope provides become easier to use (in circumstanses where you would consider other toolkits over zope because the traditional Zope-way of doing things becomes an obstacle),

* then zope may eventually become the tool of choice for any projects that need more than setting up a simple website. In my experience, virtually any site/application that does not serve static files starts growing requirements.

Because the customer's needs and ideas grow with the capabilities of the solution, eventually "the simple website" winds up being a more or less advanced application. Thus, the feature-set of Zope becomes truly usable even in non-ZODB-centric applications.


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