On 2/14/06, Philipp von Weitershausen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>   <utility
>       component=".alias.sydneyFactory"
>       name="alias.SydneyBristow"
>       />
> The naming of the component already gives it away as a factory. To me that's
> enough naming.

I think I agree. This to me makes sense. If it were nameless (are
there nameless utilities) you could then get off with just  <utility
component=".alias.sydneyFactory" /> which is then the on/off switch we
mentioned earlier. And an adapter should be registered the same way
<adapter component=".alias.FidgetAdapter" /> and what it adapts
between should be a part of the python-code with an adapts(ISomething)
declaration, just like implements(ISomethingelse), which I think you
suggested in your "ZCML does doo much" blog, right?

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