Hi Philipp, hi Florent 

> I'm all for reducing the number of namespaces in the standard 
> directives, 
> and reducing the number of directives too, but getting rid of 
> namespaces, as 
> others have pointed out, removes clean ways of extending ZCML for 
> third-party frameworks.

> Maybe a simple zope 3 component doesn't need to provide 
> extensions to ZCML 
> using a namespace, but any *framwework* on top of it will 
> quickly need them.

Yes, that's exactly what we do in our libraries.

I'm Ok with simplyfie the zope 3 namespaces and use only one
namespace like <zope:foobar ...>, but not with removing the 
option to add custom namespaces.

I'm interessted in a menu / menu item refactoring.

This means, we could get rid of the implicit magicly 
registred menus in other directives which ends in
unaccessible menu items and will offer a better 
accessible API. I will write a proposal later, but perhaps
I have to prototype first since this part is very complex
and used almost in every browser directive.

Roger Ineichen

> Finally
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