Dear all,

thanks to everyone who commented my two proposals on simplifying ZCML.
Here are some updates:

Reducing the amount of ZCML directives

I've updated this proposal slightly. It now mentions the important
characteristics of ZCML directives and lists an additional risk pointed
out by Martijn. It also proposes to simplify the content/class
directive, something which I had forgotten to mention before.

Still look for comments at ...

One namespace for ZCML

There have a lot of negative comments on this (even though my initial
idea got several +1 on this list). I think the discussion was still
helpful. It definitely proved my point that we don't really have good
guidelines for managing ZCML namespaces. A lot of people also agreed
with me that we have too many namespaces. My proposal of removing all
namespaces was a bit too drastic, I guess.

I will create a new proposal that will "only" focus on:
* coming up with guidelines for creating and managing ZCML namespaces
* consolidating some unnecessary namespaces that we have today into one
* making ZCML a better citizen with other XML dialects

I'll welcome any suggestions if some of you have any...

Stay tuned :).


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