Balazs Ree wrote:
On Mon, 13 Feb 2006 18:59:32 +0100 Martijn Faassen wrote:

Jean-Marc Orliaguet wrote:

I've being working on integrating Balazs Ree's CTAL interpreter recently
(added tests, fixes, etc.). CTAL is the equivalent of TAL but for

I just googled around for this, and couldn't find it, but I'm intrigued.
Any link?

I made it some time ago just as an experiment, I was interested in having
the equivalent of TAL on the client side. The implementation is far from
complete but it's actually usable. If you are interested, best to check it
out from the link Jean-Marc gave in the other mail (and I indeed might put
it up somewhere in svn on its own).

A separate svn project would be nice. I'm sure z3lab is open; it's also welcome under the z3 base on codespeak.

I think the main advantage is that if someone already knows TAL can
generate html from a template and raw data on the client side (which
is one of the tipical AJAX usage patterns) without the need to learn
another method or write dom manipulation in javascript.

Right, that was my motivation too - I googled around for javascript-based templating languages but realized there wasn't really anything. Of course XSLT can be used this way too, but TAL is kinda neat too. Still, I couldn't think of much practical use for this. Perhaps in this AJAXy world this has changed.

Are you interested in recovering some of there Zope TAL based regex stuff from Sapling? I'd be happy to merge it in. ctal doesn't appear to have this yet. 'ctal' is a somewhat confusing name by the way, you'd think it was TAL implemented in C, another interesting project I've dabbled with on and off in the past.

We had an CVS to SVN conversion earlier this week, so sapling's source code is now here:

(check it out with: svn co sapling)

It has tests and everything. :)


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