Balazs Ree wrote:

On Wed, 15 Feb 2006 16:41:36 +0100 Martijn Faassen wrote:
A separate svn project would be nice. I'm sure z3lab is open; it's also
welcome under the z3 base on codespeak.

I will then check it in to one of those; seriously, I can't decide which
location would be more proper as a home. The z3base seems more generic to
me, however the other ajax stuff is already in z3lab. (except AZAX, which
has the "kukit" part stored on codespeak.)

I am facing the same decision at where to bring in the "jsonserver"
(a.k.a. json-rpc) product which would be a complete zope2-zope3 product

sure, whatever

Are you interested in recovering some of there Zope TAL based regex stuff
from Sapling? I'd be happy to merge it in. ctal doesn't appear to have
this yet.

I must have a look, of course any enhancement would be great - and since
the main user at the moment is Jean-Marc, I would be interested in his

if it doesn't slow things down or add features that are not really needed, I think it's fine, but maybe an explanation would be good as to what it does?

BTW one enhancement that I was thinking of was the ctal:attributes="..." stuff, I find the i18n:attributes="..." approach more intutive since it is possible to write code as if it was HTML first, insert the variables where they should be and then specify afterwards which attributes are to be replaced:

<a href="item/url" ctal:attributes="href">...</a>

instead of:

<a href="" ctal:attributes="href item/url">...</a>

(which removes an indirection)

the ZPT tal:attributes=... syntax forces me to think to much

but that's just a personal opinion

I really think that the best way to add features is to create a sample applications and see what's missing in the language or what feels unnatural or too complicated to achieve, but basically if a missing feature forces you to move the logic to the data model, it is definitely not a missing feature. I believe that ZPT is too much of a scripting language.

also I think that one namespace is enough (no "context/title", "request/user"), but use "title" and "user" instead ... extra namespaces in a template are a sign that the view has not done a good job at preparing a data structure for the template to render it.

'ctal' is a somewhat confusing name by the way, you'd think it
was TAL implemented in C, another interesting project I've dabbled with on
and off in the past.

I agree but if we change the name we should do it right now. What name
(prefix) would you suggest? Only thing, it needs to be different from
"tal" (since it must allow mixing the two namespaces in the same page) and
I personally would also be against "jtal". "ctal" was meant to stand for
"client tal" but indeed it might not be the finest choice.

that's what I guessed too, do I win something ? :-)


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