Max M wrote:
The problem is that all the people used to LAMP will come to Zope and think "Well I will need to think differently here. Thats a bother. I will use sql for everything like usual." And so we will get a lot of duplicated efforts and half-baked Zope developers, who will desperately try to use Zope for SQL development.

Because of this concern, I'm putting this off for a while. I think it addresses a major hole in Zope, but it also creates two ways to accomplish similar tasks without a clear division between the two ways. Note that the Python language, despite its philosophy, has at least two ways to accomplish things: with functions or with classes. In this case, two ways are definitely better than one, IMHO.

But before Zope acquires a new way to create web sites, we need to better understand whether that's a burden Zope ought to bear. It could turn out that people who don't want ZODB really shouldn't use Zope at all. I would find that conclusion disheartening, but maybe it's realistic.

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