Jeff Shell wrote:
I thought this uniformity of a development model was the Zope 3
message. Am I wrong?

Yes, you're wrong. To create the home page, web developers are directed to put a page template in ZODB. This is completely different from what you do. What should they do instead? I don't know.

I know we were still trying to provide other
messages at some point, including making things like 'sqlexpression'
and full python statements available to through-the-web ZPT templates
(and only to those, not to ViewPageTemplateFile type ones), but didn't
think they were really taken or used seriously. I couldn't get them to
work half the time anyways, so I never found use for them. I did find
occasion to use a few TAL statements here and there in content space,
but that's it. And that's only for a couple of deployments. Are others
seriously developing with templates and scripts in 'content space' in
Zope 3? Why? How?

TTW page templates are featured prominently in Zope 3's user interface. If we think TTW page templates are a bad idea, they should not be in the user interface!

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