On Fri, 17 Feb 2006 00:30:03 -0000, Shaun Cutts <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

It seems to me that some of the tension around zcml arises because, on
the one hand, everyone wants it to be as simple as possible, and on the
other, too much simplicity of the language makes some things very
tedious, which encourages "magic shortcuts" via new directives.

To let out some of the steam, could zcml support a very simple
"abbreviate" directive in over all namespaces?

I'm pretty sure this would mean that ZCML would no longer work as valid XML (you can't validate when people invent their own tags on the fly), which would be a shame. Feels a bit like embrace-and-extend, Microsoft style :)

I'd rather we concentrated on the actual directives themselves, removed the silly ones, provided decent defaults, maybe even keep some of the shortcut directives if they are semantically and logically different in the minds of the application developer form the primitives they extend.



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