> Could we call it "obfuscate" instead, so we know what it does? :-)

I take it that's a no vote from you :)

But I think it can be sensibly used. There are many places in the zcml
defs where there are long blocks of repetitive definitions where only a
few names change. If the number of directives is seriously paired back,
these blocks are likely to get longer and more repetitive. If you set
the abbreviation at the top of the block, then your eye can see the
important parts that actually change in the following section of
"expands". And if there is something wrong with the definition, you can
change it all in one place.

Of course, you could also use it to make things confusing if you wanted
to too. But if you really want to make things confusing, new zcml
directives are more effective. ;-)

- Shaun

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