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User interfaces speak louder than books. Start up Zope 3, log in as a manager, and look at the list of things you can add. It includes DTML Page, File, Image, Python Page, SQL Script, and ZPT Page. I suggest that no one should be invited to create these kinds of objects in ZODB; it's a road to misery. We need rip them out and develop another way to fulfill the use cases they represent.

Heh, my Z3 experience is limited to theory + some Five work so far. Seriously, though - do people need these? If so, what for?

I must say I'm a bit disappointed to learn this. I thought this was exactly the kind of think Zope 3 *didn't* encourage because it learnt lessons from Zope 2. I may be naive about when these are needed, of course.

But I'd like to see them switched off by default if no-one can make a convincing case for why they should be there (except, well, you know, they were there in Zope 2, and we thought someone may have liked them). I'm sure I'm missing something obvious, though.



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