Shane Hathaway wrote:
Let me focus the discussion: I think it's nearly always a bad idea for anyone, newbie or expert, to put a template or script in ZODB. Do we have any agreement on that point? I wish we did. I enjoy ZODB for many purposes, but not for storing templates and scripts.

Sorry, I gotta wave my hand here... a lot of my development, especially for small projects, is scripts and templates developed via WebDAV and stored in the ZODB. I find the undo facility, and the history compare, invaluable for this...

At one extreme, ZClasses tested the hypothesis that everything, including code, belongs in ZODB. I think experience has proven that hypothesis wrong.

Nah, I just think ZClasses sucked in implementation and support...

The persistent code idea in Zope 3 tries to give ZClasses a new birth, but it seems to have turned out even more complicated than ZClasses.

I think Google have proved that complicated!=bad, provided the right interface is there...

A good practice when developing with ZODB is to zap and re-create the object database regularly.

Who says there only has to be one?



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