On Tuesday 21 February 2006 08:50, Lennart Regebro wrote:
> OK, so it is now clear from Stephans comments that thsi really is two
> separate proposals, just mixed into one file because of Stephans
> workload. I think we should properly split them up, because this
> clearly made a lot of people confused, and I wonder if anybody that
> read this proposal realized that this was two independent things. I
> sure didn't.

I think it was a lack of communication, If section 3.1 (as it does now in my 
local copy) clearly states that packages are not required to live in the 
Common Repository, it is fine.

> So, the idea is to have a website for listing Zope3 products with it's
> certification. And another idea is to have a common repository, with
> rules for that. One question is then what requirements to have on
> repositories that join into the certification process. Same as on the
> ZF repository? None at all? Something in the middle?

I have not figured this out yet. :-) I think we need one implementation first, 
to see how it will work. For example, the CERTIFICATION.xml file should 
always live in the common repository or a even more secured place to ensure 
validity of the process. I think we will quickly figure out ways to do that, 
once we have done it once.

I think a lot of code can be reused. I have started a package that aims at 
providing an implementation of the process independently from the 
svn.zope.org layout. 

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