which fails when the two last options are commented out, but works fine when none are commented out. Is there a reason why it fails when the two last .. directives are commented out?

On a guess, I'd say that the editform could be commented out without effect. The add menu item probably complains if the page to which it refers (AddRecipe.html) is not actually provided (by the addform). That's just a guess.

zcml tracebacks actually do generally have the necessary information to help debug them, actually; it's just not necessarily where you expect. Read up from the bottom of the traceback and I suspect you'll find something helpful eventually, maybe several frames up.

If not, try including the traceback in a reply and see if anyone has any bright ideas.

Right you are.. :) It says "view name AddRecipe.html not found" which makes more sense.

Sorry for these stupid newbie problems.  ;)

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