On 2/21/06, Stephan Richter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Tuesday 21 February 2006 05:13, Andrew Milton wrote:
> > Why should Mark Shuttleworth who has plenty of means, hand over IP for
> > (parts of) SchoolTool? I'm sure he has more than enough ways to protect his
> > IP. Or are you saying that it makes sense for ZF/ZC to protect him?
> The reason the SchoolTool project would be interested in putting a couple
> packages in the common repository would be so they are moved into the Zope 3
> core pr are part of the distribution. It would mean that the SchoolTool
> developers have to maintain less code.
> However, we do not need to put all of SchoolTool into the repository just to
> get certified. We can ask for certification with the SchoolTool code living
> in another repository. In fact, I think SchoolTool might be one of the first
> outside projects to gain certifications, since it is the only large project
> that I know of that fulfills the level 2 requirements (I think it could even
> get level 3).


Lest there be any confusion, I'll point out that while Stephan has
been working as a paid developer on SchoolTool, and I'm happy that he
lobbies for issues that he perceives to be in the project's interest,
like this one, he isn't doing so as a formal representative of
SchoolTool as such.

Stephan and I, let alone Mark, haven't discussed this proposal (yet),
and I don't yet know what SchoolTool's position will be.


Tom Hoffman
SchoolTool Project Manager
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