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am: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 21:57:46 -0500
von: Stephan Richter : [EMAIL PROTECTED]

>I just want to be ensured that I do not have to deal with additional
>(i.e. learn Zope 2 again), but can develop Zope 3 applications as I like it.

Not new to Python but new to Zope (starting with Zope 3) this is my
point too.

Although I agree with Jim

>   - There wouldn't be confusion about 2 Zopes.
>   It is important that Zope 5 be backward compatible with both Zope 2
>   and Zope 3, although not necessarily in the same
>   configuration. Many people are building Zope 3 applications today
>   and they should not be penalized.

I hope that in this case there will be no additional Zope 3 penalty in a
decreasing performance speed.


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