On 3/1/06, Terry Hancock <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> The problem is that "Zope 3" is already very confusing.

That may be, but it doesn├Ąt help, because the name is Zope3. If you
rename it, then you will only add to the confusion, becuase then there
will be Zope2, Zope3 and Z, and everybody will be even more confused.
Since the difference between Zope3 and Zope3 is becoming less with
every release, we would then in the end have three different names for
the same thing.

Trust me, that won't help a bit. Jims proposal of Z(ed) was also for
something different, namely the set of technologies that Zope 3 build
on, as I understand it. That makes some sense, as Z + Object
Publishing = Z Object Publishing Environment = Zope.

But I'm not sure it will be helpful, and following this debate we can
see that even that additional naming is confusing.

So, stop flogging a dead horse.  No renaming. Not now anyway.
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