Stefane Fermigier wrote:
> Strange how (most of) the Plone people seem to be so quick in willing to
> sacrifice the Zope brand :(

It's not about sacrificing the Zope-the-app-server brand. It's actually
about growing it in the sense that it becomes much clearer WHAT THE HELL
Zope actually is. Or can you explain what Zope is in one sentence? I
surely can't. I currently need more than a page in my book.

Rocky Burt is right, the naming actually confuses the heck out of
people. In that sense, Zope X3 was not such a bad idea that it clearly
said that Zope 3 is totally different. Just the 'X' itself standing for
'eXperimental' was bad Zope3-marketing in itself, so we dropped it.

I will also note that Jim's proposal is really not a lot about naming
(he wants to stay out of it) but about focusing effort in ONE
application server and ONE set of reusable libraries. This focus in
efforts seems to suggest to come up differnet names for the two things,
but that doesn't mean they can't still be related in a brand naming
sense (e.g. Zope and zopelib or somethign like that).

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