Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
Good point. There's the question: Does this "zed" thing need a different
name at all? If we want other people to pick it up, then it seems like a
good idea to distinguish it from Zope-the-app-server. Paul seems to
suggest that in his response.

How about zopelib?

If we want people outside of the zope community to use these components, they should not have the word "zope" anywhere in their name. If it says "zope" people will *always* assume it is for use only with/inside Zope (Zope 2 more often than not).

I've seen this when I've told people about testing their web apps with zope.testbrowser. Their first response is invariably "oh, I can't use that; I'm not using Zope."

Therefore, whatever the bag-o-components is named it should not contain "zope". "Z" or "zed" would be OK with me (especially if we could come up with some decent domain names that are still available).
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