1) Audience==Middle class: Keep the name Zope to apply to the application server and the middle class. Basically, Zope is the assembly.

2) Audience==Python: Pick a new name for the top-level package of components. For example: "zed3" for the naming. E.g. zed3.pagetemplates. (Examples: SchoolTool, Tiks, Oxfam America via Enfold, etc.) Don't heavily brand zed3.

By "middle class" do you mean the developers between the trivial PHP system and the enterize-l33t J2EE system? If so, I think that marketing is right (and very lucurative).

I think your proposal separates out the Zope-name-is-good from the Zope-name-is-bad camp well. It doesn't have to be a dichotomy (unless we let emotions get in the way).

Your idea and Jeff's are fairly compatible. I too would like to see the CA be made more useful outside Zope, and frankly, no-one will ever require their users to download Zope-3.tar.gz in order to install some simple application that just happens to use the CA. This may well re-invigorate the community, if people who've build a simple application with the CA decide they want to contribute at that level, or start building web applications. Hell, I'd like to use the Z3 CA for a non-web-application, but I don't think I could justiy having Zope 3 as a dependency!

Similarly, I think a lot of developers would like to not be confused by a ZMI that may or may not be an application and content types that may or may not be useful or possibly just a demo (actually, I don't fully understand this yet myself) but feel that they have a powerful web development paradigm under the Zope 3 banner with the aesthetic of the Zope 3 CA (Zed?) CA.



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