For sure the past two days threads are raising my concern...

We are using Zope3 internally, with profit.

We have followed all the change of directions in the roadmap, since the initial vision:

Designer/scripter/developer, TTW, ZCML for scripters/administrators, a beautiful framework for developer to play with.

Today, Zope3 is, basically, an application server, only python product developers are confortable with it.

And still, today, it has deprecated (?!) features in it's release (check the things you can add in a site folder), are they hope or promises?


For sure, we have no intention to spend (again) efforts in digging into Zope2, searching for functionality that we are missing in zope3.

I'm hoping that someone would follow Michael Kerrin road...


Stephan Richter wrote:

This paragraph hits the nail on the head. I repeat in a slightly derived form:


I have already received several private comments expressing concern about the discussion implying a fear of instability of direction.


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