Nuxeo, with the kind help of the Zope team of Chalmers
University, plans to organise a Zope 3 sprint on April 3-7 in our
premises in Paris.

The focus of the sprint, like last year's successful sprint, will be ECM
(Enterprise Content Management).

Last year's Paris sprint was a turning point for the Zope roadmap, when
it was decided to include Five in Zope 2.8, a decision which led to the
current state of the Zope landscape (CMF 2.0 / CPS 3.4 / Plone 2.5 /
Silva 1.5 - all full of Zope 3 components, etc.)

We hope to make similar significant advances this year.


The current state of Z3ECM is currently best described in these slides:

as well as on the website itself.

4 main themes for the sprint are currently emerging:

- Repository: there is some unfinished conceptual and preliminary
implementation work to be done regarding document repository design
(including relations between documents, ORM-based storage, etc.)


- CPSSkins v3: Jean-Marc Orliaguet already has a very advanced
implementation, that currently is Zope 3 only. We plan to bridge it with
Zope 2 using Five to make it available on the current CMF-based
platforms (at least CPS 3.4).


- AJAX: we plan to generalize the current approach of CPSSkins v3, which
is to use a JavaScript MVC library that exchanges JSON data structures
with the server, to all the AJAX interactions.


- XForms: we intend to make XML Schemas and XForms the new model for
documents and their representation in Z3ECM. This is specially important
for interoperability with the Apogee project (


At Nuxeo, we intend to make all these developments available either on
top on CPS 3.4, or for the next iteration of CPS (CPS 3.6). But we'd
also like to share these developments with the rest of the Zope 3 / CMF
/ Plone / etc. communities, if they are interested.


The sprint is open to experimented Zope 3 / CMF / CPS / Plone
developers. We already have booked 4-5 developers from Nuxeo, and
Jean-Marc Orliaguet and Dario Lopez-Kärsten from Chalmers. Please
join the discussion on the z3lab mailing list
( or contact me
([EMAIL PROTECTED]) if you would like to participate.

The sprint is free (but you have to pay for your own travel and
accomodation). We (Nuxeo) will modestly provide free pizzas / sandwiches
/ diet Coke, etc.

NB: the dates (3-7 April) have been chosen so that long distance
travelers can go to the Swiss sprint afterwards (8-13 April). If this is
inconvenient for a majority of sprinters, we may change to the week
after the Swiss sprint (17-21 April) but this change has to be decided

I will confirm the date in a later announcement (next week).

So, once again, let's followup on the z3lab list.


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