On 3/5/06, Geoff Davis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Jeff Shell has posted some thought-provoking pieces on his blog that are
> relevant to Jim's recent attempt to better articulate a vision for Zope:
> http://griddlenoise.blogspot.com/2006/03/zope-crisis-of-faith-coming-this-march.html
> http://griddlenoise.blogspot.com/2006/03/crisis-of-faith-messengers-have-been.html
> I share some of Jeff's concerns.
> One thing that he has been doing that I think is really important for us
> is to systematically explore Django / TurboGears / Rails to see what they
> are doing that we can learn from.  I have already seen several interesting
> posts from Jeff on this list and would love to hear more from him on the
> topic.
> I have two questions for everyone:
> * Can we address Jeff's concerns?  If so, how?
> * What can we learn from Rails / Django / TurboGears?

To me it seems mostly that one of his concerns are that we are having
the vision debate instead of a vision. :-) The other one is the same
olf concern: We have no website full of hype.

The second one should be easy to fix, but I think out of a general
concern for peoples sensibilities, nothing is happening. Too much
talk, not enough hockey.

The first one I have no solution for, except agreeing on a vision.
Which for me seems dead simple, but of course, other don't agree. ;-)

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