During the Zope3 sprint following PyCon, Paul and I, with Jim's
guidance,  began work on exploring how Zope can utilize eggs and be
packaged using eggs.  Since we're still experimenting with how eggs
will be used, I wrote a script, zpkgegg, which reads the zpkg
configuration information for a package and generates a "standard"
setup.py from which an egg and vanilla sdist can be generated.

You can find the script in subversion in the projectsupport project. 
For a brief overview of how the script is used, see README.txt (in
http://svn.zope.org/projectsupport/trunk/src/zpkgegg/).  The eggs
generated by zpkgegg do not attempt to distinguish between "runtime",
"testing" or "development" dependencies, so almost all packages will
want zope.testing.  README.txt contains a brief example of how to
point easy_install at the appropriate folders so that easy_install can
resolve the dependencies.

Note that at this point we're still experimenting with how we'll use
eggs, so suggestions, feedback and comments are welcome.


Nathan R. Yergler
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