Cool effort.

One thing that I noticed in Rails when I downloaded it this weekend
was how you installed plug-ins. Very easy. There are various 'sources'
that can be loaded up which work, I assume, in a similar manner to how
you can point easy_install at a web page and tell it 'find links'.

To install a plugin into an application instance (similar to a Zope
instance home), it's just an effort of:

$ script/plugin install acts_as_taggable

The plugin is found, and installed in the instance home equivalent.
This uses 'gems' under the hood from the looks of it, and adds in the
knowledge of a Rails application layout. It was pretty gratifying,
being able to start adding in functionality so easily.

I think a good goal would be to have something like this: A Zope
instance home aware package/egg loader, so that in an instance home
you could add in packages like this:

$ bin/package install zc.catalog
$ bin/package install hurry

On 3/5/06, Nathan R. Yergler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> During the Zope3 sprint following PyCon, Paul and I, with Jim's
> guidance,  began work on exploring how Zope can utilize eggs and be
> packaged using eggs.  Since we're still experimenting with how eggs
> will be used, I wrote a script, zpkgegg, which reads the zpkg
> configuration information for a package and generates a "standard"
> from which an egg and vanilla sdist can be generated.
> You can find the script in subversion in the projectsupport project.
> For a brief overview of how the script is used, see README.txt (in
>  The eggs
> generated by zpkgegg do not attempt to distinguish between "runtime",
> "testing" or "development" dependencies, so almost all packages will
> want zope.testing.  README.txt contains a brief example of how to
> point easy_install at the appropriate folders so that easy_install can
> resolve the dependencies.
> Note that at this point we're still experimenting with how we'll use
> eggs, so suggestions, feedback and comments are welcome.
> Thanks,
> Nathan R. Yergler
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