On Sun, Mar 05, 2006 at 10:09:14AM -0500, Geoff Davis wrote:
> One of the things that GTY recommends is to establish a set of agreed upon
> principles for evaluating proposals.  I think that having such a set of
> principles would help us better focus our current discussion.

Good idea.
> Let's take a step back from the particulars of the various proposals
> floating around and see if we can nail down some principles.  Here is a
> very rough, very incomplete start:
> 1. Zope should have a clear message about where we are going.
> I'm sure we all agree on this, but this is so broad that it is not very
> useful.  Here's a stab at refining it:
> 1.1 We should have a clear message about where Zope 2 is going. The
> message should give existing and prospective Zope 2 users an idea of how
> long their code will continue to work on releases in the Zope 2 path and
> what kind of upgrade process they will face as the Zope 2 line evolves.


> 1.2 Ditto for Zope 3.

> 2. Zope should try to expand its developer base.
> Again, I am sure we all agree, but this is too broad to be useful.
> 2.1  Zope should leverage the work of others by moving toward an
> architecture that allows one to easily use code from outside Zope.
> This effectively increases the developer base by letting us leverage the
> work of others outside the immediate Zope community.  I assume that this
> (and integration) are the primary motivations driving the CA.
> 2.2  Zope should be useful for developers not using the full application
> server stack.
> Again, this serves to increase our developer base by drawing in people
> outside our traditional core audience.

> We probably need some principles about the Zope brand, and so on, 

That seems like the most contentious part, and a lot of Jim's
suggestions and the ensuing discussion have focused on this.
There are several possible principles here, which may pull in
different directions because they target different audiences.
I started writing some suggested principles but I don't want
to start another cycle of repetitious debate on that topic;
I'd first rather see some more feedback on the principles you suggested
so far.


Paul Winkler
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