Jim Fulton wrote at 2006-3-5 13:56 -0500:
> ...
>Why do you think it's better to have to create a monolithic schema for all
>applications bits that want to use the configuration file, rather than letting
>individual applications define how to read their own data independently?

You already can do this now with ZConfig -- no need for
a monolithic schema:

  I recently implemented a ZServer based NNTP server.
  There was no monolithic schema required. The new "sectiontype"
  was described in "NNTPServer/component.xml", the configuration
  file simply imported the package and decribed the NNTP-Server.

Formerly, this was possible only for a few abstract types
with corresponding multisections (such as servers, storages, ...).

In modern Zope[2] schemas, there is a general purpose abstract type
precisely for this kind of extensions.

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