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On Mar 6, 2006, at 9:21 PM, Jake wrote:

I think it is a huge mistake to lose Zope branding. After years of building up momentum behind a project, to head off into some strange developer code speak is just going to lose people who are not intimately involved.

The world, after many  years, gets versions. Stick to it.

Mac OS9 -> Mac OSX (10)

Here was a mistake:
Mosaic -> Netscape -> Netscape Communicator -> Netscape Gold -> Firebird -> Mozilla -> Firefox

Considering Firefox has nearly 15% marketshare today, I'd call it a success. It certainly could have been worse had Netscape not done the hail mary of releasing it under another name that wasn't conflated with its own brand (witness the takeup rate of Netscape 6/7).

- C

Considering it is a product that was around for 15 years, spent tons on advertising (which I helped pay for) and has a global, geek appeal, I think it was a slight success.

Since we don't know how much better off it would have been by keeping one of the other 5 names it had, which actually had brand recognition, we will never know.


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