Stephan Richter wrote:
On Tuesday 07 March 2006 13:43, Shane Hathaway wrote:

My vision for the WebDev project is that you can develop WebDev packages
using Zope 2 like features, but the result of the Web development can be
generated into a real Python package.

That might work, but the story breaks down if the developer can't switch
*back* to TTW development.  Have you addressed that?

No, and this is probably out of scope. WebDev has not addressed many, many other issues. The reason I want to allow Python code generation is that if a scripter grows up to become a developer, he does not have to rewrite his software, but has an initial start. Personally, I do not even think that round-tripping would be possible, because the WebDev development is far more limiting than filesystem-based development.

Ok. I think your approach is quite valid. The ability to switch back to TTW is so much more ambitious that it's probably reasonable to drop it, even though it results in an incomplete story.

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