Shane Hathaway wrote:
Stephan Richter wrote:
My vision for the WebDev project is that you can develop WebDev packages using Zope 2 like features, but the result of the Web development can be generated into a real Python package.

That might work, but the story breaks down if the developer can't switch *back* to TTW development. Have you addressed that?

Does the story break down? The guy at NASA raved about ArchGenXML going from picture to pixels w/ a bunch of zeros for LOC etc.

Clearly this guy didn't just fall off the turnip truck. Even if he *is* glossing over the subtleties, developer mindshare has a tinge of such gloss. Geez, Rails clearly says their scaffolding isn't meant to replace understanding, but that hasn't stopped the O'Reilly machine from doing a hark-the-heralds on the breakthrough technology.

So yes, the story breaks down. But after the newcomer has confidence and might not need to go back to the TTW approach. The alternative is something perhaps too hard to start (from their perspective).


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