On Wednesday 08 March 2006 15:18, Egon Frerich wrote:
> I want to have doctests which document the correctness of an handler for
>  an IObjectModifiedEvent. But the 'notify' triggers a TypeError, because
> the handler 'takes exactly 2 arguments (1 given)'. Two arguments are
> correct.

I have a suspicion. Here is how to system works:

event = AnyObjectEvent(obj)
-> zope.event.notify(event)
-> zope.app.objectevent.objectEventNotify(event)
-> subscribers((event.object, event), None)
-> yourHandler(obj, event)

Any IObjectEvent gets handled by objectEventNotify, which in turn sends out 
another subscription request for (obj, event). And you probably have a 
subscriber for the latter. The easy way to test this would be to manually 

  >>> yourHandler(event.object, event)

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