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There are tools that do round-tripping, like ArchGenXML, which will have Zope
3 support in the next release.

AGX (soon to be called Genesis) doesn't do round-tripping. It lets you re-generate your code from the model and still preserves method bodies, custom methods, and code written in special "protected sections". Full round-tripping is incredibly hard, and probably not worth it all that much.

I think it's more important to focus on making development fast and easy (e.g. by not requiring server restarts too often, by having a small number of concepts to learn and a small number basic building blocks that are well-contained and thus easily refactored) than to necessarily support it TTW. To be honest, I don't think a browser is a good replacement for a decent IDE.

What the CMF/Plone story has shown us, though, is that simple *customisation*, i.e. tweaking (primarily of UI templates and very basic functionality) is very valuable TTW because it can then become a power-user/non-programmer facility. I'd say that a large part of Plone's success, certainly, comes from the ease with which you can customise (and thus re-use) page templates. Zope 3 does very well on re-use at the programmer level with the CA. Making it possible to tweak/re-use look-and-feel without having to understand python (or much python) is a logical next step.

On a personal note, I also think Zope'd be better off if components could be reconfigured without a restart. That way, you could for example provide TTW configuration panels for things ordinarily controlled by ZCML (e.g. the in-ZODB, user setting overrides the zcml-configured default ... for some carefully selected options of course). That'd make it easier to make such UIs and make sure configuration tools.



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