Martijn Faassen wrote:
The first issue is I think just something that tripped me up and
might be fixed if we put big warning signs in the documentation.

I'll look at making this more noticeable and explaining the reasons.

A second issue seems to me a bug in the javascript. When I use StandaloneSortFormatter I can click on the title of a column to sort
to see a sorted view. This works wonderfully well. Unfortunately the
 javascript is a bit simplistic in that it simply adds the
sort_on:list parameter over and over to the URL. This makes for very
long and ugly URLs. Want me to work on a bugfix?

Please.  The current JavaScript is very much "the simplest thing that
will possibly work".

The third issue is more like a missing feature. I was playing with
the batching support, and I got it to work. Still, I had to write a
bit of batching code myself and to make it fully work, I'd have to
make sure of not showing 'previous' at the beginning of the fist
batch, not showing 'next' at the beginning of the last batch, and the

Yes, when writing zc.table we weren't quite sure how the batching
should/would work and were using it in two independent projects.  Both
eventually grew code that's probably much like you wrote.  It would be
interesting to work on a "default batcher".

Then finally a bit about zc.resourcelibrary that would've tripped me
up if I hadn't looked its source yesterday. zc.resourcelibrary adds resources to the <head> section of the web page by hooking in and
adding it before the </head> tag in the output. This doesn't work if
you have a test page that doesn't contain a <head> section at all. :)

True. :) Gary and I came come up with a system to add pluggable substitutions on a per-resourcelibrary basis, but haven't had the time/need to implement it. I hope Gary remembers the details and replies. :)
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