Jeff Rush wrote:
Hi, I received Zope3 committer privileges at PyCon and I'm trying to get a good citizen and do everything the Committer Guidelines say to do.

However, I see that the "zope-coders" list was retired in Nov 2005 but the website still says membership in that list is required for committers, at the following two places:


    Every committer should enlist in the zope-coders mailing
    list - visit .
    It's the primary channel for urgent operational issues - things
    like release checkin freezes, operational problems, warnings
    about major-checkin upheavals, and so forth.

    It is also a channel for collaboration between the committers.
    As such, it may be of interest for others to follow, so anyone
    can subscribe - but non-committers should refrain from posting
    unless they have really really good reasons to do so.

    (Anyone can always use zope-dev for general discussion - we're
    want the input, just don't want to burden zope-coders bandwidth
    with it.)


    The list is generally not for discussion - occasional comments
    to flag an item may make sense, but discussions should probably
    be conducted on the zope-coders mailling list. (Zope experts
    interested in participating as collector supporters should
    contact the collector administrators to be enlisted.)

I presume I can skip joining the zope-coders list then and get by with a steady diet of zope3-dev, zope3-users and zope-collector-monitor?

Yup.  I removed these references.


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