Jim Fulton wrote:
Would it be possible to write a configuration file that loaded
it's own schemas?

Not sure what you mean...

For example, suppose I wanted to configure
zope and twisted, could I do something like:

  import zope.app.appsetup
  import zope.app.twisted
  import zope.testrunner

I think it's %import you're looking for.

  site-definition site.zcml

%import site.conf? ;-)

  interrupt-check-interval 200

    type HTTP
    address 8080

      path Data.fs


      path access.log


      path z3.log

      path STDOUT

  tests-pattern f?tests$
  tests-path src
module-pattern !^(ZConfig|BTrees|persistent|ThreadedAsync|transaction|ZEO|ZODB|twisted|zdaemon|zope[.]testing|)[.]

Okay, not sure what the troublesome bit of the above is...

Then free the main program from having
to specify a schema?

Again, not sure what you mean...



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