Martijn Faassen wrote at 2006-3-13 17:15 +0100:
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>A newer interpretation of ZCML is:
>ZCML is a configuration language that configures a number of basic 
>directives for configuring the component architecture and security: 
>adapters, utilities, security requirements, and little else. Everything 
>else should be done in Python code, as configuration in Python code is 
>more flexible and packages can form a more self-contained whole. ZCML 
>should reflect the underlying universality of the component architecture.
>If two directives work with, say, adapters underneath, they should 
>really be one directive. ZCML should be simple and minimal so it is easy 
>to grasp.
>ZCML is not readable standalone. ZCML is simply used to turn on various 
>adapters and such, hooking them into the system, but we do not get a 
>clue what the adapters are doing by just looking at the ZCML - Python 
>code needs to be consulted.
>I believe that this interpretation is the up-and-coming interpretation 
>of ZCML.

I hope not...

Note, that configuration files should be understand and
adaptable by administrators. Therefore, they should be readable
and understandable -- without an understanding of the implementation
(but with reading of the component documentation).

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