Alec Mitchell wrote:
<adapter factory=".MyFactory" />

I was a bit disturbed. What's the point?

The point is that you are using the adapter.

> It tells you nothing unless you
refer to the actual implementation.

It tells you that the adapter is being used.

> Why not just put the registration in
python alongside the implementation if that's where the configuration of provided and required interfaces is going to be?

No, that's where the declaration is.  For smaller (non-Zope)
applications, you could configure them in Python.  For Zope,
we want people to override your configuration without modifying
your code.  ZCML lets them do that.

> I had considered one of
zcml configuration's greatest benefits was that it could give a high level overview of how pieces of a package were interconnected. Of course it's still possbile to do things the old way, but I get the impression that it's discouraged. Brevity is not always a boon, though that cuts both ways here (adding a new "magical" seeming zcml declaration to save a copy/paste here and there may not be the best idea either).

I understand how you feel here.  It *would* be nice to have the information
in both places *if* you didn't have to maintain it in both places.  There is
a tradeoff between avoiding duplication and making things cleared for the person
reading ZCML.  If I have to choose where to put the information, I far prefer
having it in Python.


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