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BTW, a general thing to keep in mind:

- Indirection and abstraction are inherently bad because they
  hide things. :)
  (This is a corolary of "explicit is better than implicit".)

- But indirection and abstraction can provide benefits that outweight
  their inherent bad-ness.

Whenever we consider ptoviding a high-level/automated facility, we have
to weigh the benefit against the inherient badness.


yes, except that ZCML adds strictly no abstraction compared to what would have been written in python. It only "paraphrases" python by
hiding lines of code.

I was refering to high-level ZCML, such browser:page, browser:menu, etc
vs low-level directives like adapter.


I would say that they paraphrase more lines of code than the low-level ones, but they fundamentally add no extremely valuable abstraction since a page is an alias for a multiadapter, a menu registers utilities, interfaces, .. . Anyway these are the ones that should be moved out of ZCML I guess since they are so site or application specific that it is difficult to be reuse them as components in other setups. But after rereading your mail it seems that this is what you said in it.

simply put, high-level ZCML would be for me being able to associate a collection of resources to a given skin in a global way, or saying that a given LDAP directory should be plugged into a given authentication service, but without specifying LDAP port, servers, when doing the connection (because I have an object in ZCML that stands for the LDAP directory and another one that refers to the authentication service)....

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