On 3/14/06, Lennart Regebro <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> OK, I just think I had a sort of brainwave-thingy, so I'm going to lay
> it out here to see if it was a good brainwave or not:
> Currently I can see three useful uses of ZCML:
> 1. User interface configurations, that is, everything that goes under 
> "browser".
>     Menus, pages, forms, that sort of thing.
> 2. Switching on/overriding tools, utilities, adapters, etc. Call it
> component registration.
> 3. Making non-component classes into component classes.
> Now, one thing we notice here is that the things in 3 is not anything
> that needs to be overriden. It therefore doesn't HAVE to be in ZCML.
> You can do this equally well by making small wrapper classes in
> Python. Sidnei thinks this ZCML usage is good, I'm not convinced. This
> is one item that can be discussed.
> I also realised that what goes in my point 1 here, is what goes int
> Martijns #1, and what goes in my point to, fits into Martijns #2.
> So I would like to suggest that both view #1 and view #2 are equally
> valid, but for different things. One thing we notice is that for
> example the content directive doesn't fit vith view #2, of the leaner
> and meaner ZCML. And neither is it user interface configuration. My
> conclusion: It should go away.
> Thoughts on that?

None, evidently. So it was a bad brainwave then. :)

Ah well. Beware the Ideas of March, as my grandad never said.

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