Shane Hathaway wrote:

Back on topic, the message I'm hearing about ZCML is confusing:

That's because we don't all agree.

> high
level configuration is good, but ZCML isn't going to handle it because we want to limit the number of directives. Does that mean we're going to use Python code to generate ZCML? (That's a rhetorical question... I think.)

What I've said is that ZCML should be about configuration, especially
registration, and *not* about defining things.  I've said things should be
defined in Python and registered in ZCML.  I don't necessarily have a problem
with high-level configuration directives that configure several things at
once, although I'm wary that the benefit would be worth the obscurity.

I'd also like to acknowledge Tres' point about high-level non-Python
definition mechanisms for things like forms and schemas.  I agree
with him that such facilities could be a good thing.  I may disagree
with him on whether these should be ZCML. I definately don't think
that they should be.

Finally, I'll note that I've used the term "high-level configuration" to
refer to the things we have sysadmins edit when they install Zope
systems.  We currently use ZConfig for this.  I don't think ZCML
(or any other XML-based system) should be used for this.


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